What's New With Foursquare?

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Are you currently using Foursquare for your business? If you’ve avoided the site up until now, it might be time to finally give in.

In its beginnings, Foursquare was simply a mobile app used as a tool for letting friends and family know where they could find you. You could check in at local restaurants, stores, gyms and other locations, and have that check-in show up in your social media feeds.

Now, Foursquare has evolved to include so much more than that. It is now used as a way for people to discover new places and for businesses to develop loyalty and build relationships with their customers.

Foursquare isn’t even just a mobile application anymore. It has grown to include a Foursquare website, which up until now didn’t offer much. With the new redesign, however, the Foursquare website has much to offer its visitors.

Some of the most notable changes on the website include the homepage. It now features a large map that displays all the interesting things happening near you. For example, the map shows:

  • Your friends
  • Nearby trending locations
  • Places on your lists
  • Places that are offering specials
  • Popular locations

The zoom function allows users to take a closer look at what is happening around them. As users move around the map, it will automatically update to continue showing trending locations and the other features.

The most exciting feature of the Foursquare redesign is the new planning tool. Not only can you check in to places you visit, but you can actually plan your day. If you have a conference in Chicago, you can actually plan every aspect of your trip before you even arrive. Just some of the ways you can plan your day include viewing popular locations near where you will be, finding deals at local restaurants and stores, and viewing tips from people that have frequented the locations you are considering.

Foursquare is tapping into this market by offering increased usability through its full website. While the functionality on its mobile applications is still intact, the enhanced website will make it easier for users to get even more out of Foursquare.

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