What’s New at Google?

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of playing host to some folks from a little technology company called Google. Every quarter they take the time to head over to our office in Cleveland, Ohio to review client strategies, discuss company initiatives and engage in friendly revelry.  During this visit they presented a PowerPoint and lead a discussion on some of their new offerings. I’ve highlighted the top four things that piqued my interest. If you are interested in learning about everything they presented us, please contact us through the website.

+1 Button

The +1 button is a Google branded version of the Facebook Like button.  You must have a Google account and opt in here to participate. Once activated, Google search results will be appended with +1’s from your contacts and it may be factored into their algorithm in some crazy, complex manner. You can +1 paid search ads, organic listings and more. They announced this week that the +1 button for websites is now available.

I wish they would have added a -1 button as well. Unfortunately, this appears to be more of an effort to match Facebook’s popular feature than one of improvement. One co-worker commented that they may be trying to dilute the market so that the like button is made to be irrelevant. If you have any thoughts on this, write them in the comments section below.

Google Docs for Android

Wish you could access your Google Docs on your (potentially) carcinogenic cell phone? Now you can! Any Android phone can do this provided you download the application from the Android Market.  One neat feature is that you have the ability to add photos taken from your camera and integrate them within docs. For more information, visit the Docs Blog or the Android Market. Have you been using this feature? Give us your feedback within the comments section.

NBA &NHL Scores

For the sports fans out there, checking the scores just got easier. How easy? Typing only the three letter acronym of the professional sport you are interested in will provide you with real-time scores. Go ahead and try it! Currently, they only are providing results for the NBA and NHL, but the rep told us that MLB scores may be available soon.  Provided we actually have an NFL season this year, this could be a nice feature for the fantasy football crowd.

Similar Users Targeting

This is a BETA they are currently testing. In their words, “[Similar user targeting will] reach users who are browsing similar sites to yours and extend your reach by targeting new and relevant users.” It is pretty much an application of the transitive property of equality. For those of you who have no idea what that means, you can learn more about this algebraic idea here. The idea behind this type of targeting is if:

  • Visitor X visits sites A, B, C and your site


  • Visitor Y visits sites A, B, C but not your site


  • Visitor Y should be targeted for ads on the display network.

It’s about time they started implementing this type of targeting. I hope it moves out of BETA soon. If anyone reading this has tried this BETA or knows anything more about it, please leave your comments below.

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