What To Do Before Engaging in Social Media

Whether you’re new to social media completely or you’re trying to get more involved in it, social media can be a difficult area to successfully break into. To help you enter the social media landscape with success, here are five essential questions you should answer before you engage in any social media channels:

  1. Are members of my target audiences there? You’ll want to make sure your target audience is active on the social network you’re thinking about getting involved in.
  2. What is my competition doing? Have a clear understanding of which social media channels your competition is involved in and how they go about it. You might find that you can learn a lot from their mistakes and their successes.
  3. How much time will I need to dedicate to this? Remember, social networking is more than just making a few posts here and there. Consider the time it will take to set-up the page, as well as your daily management tasks. You’ll also want to make sure you know who is responsible for developing the page and keeping the property updated.
  4. How will I use this network? Determine how you’ll use each particular social networking site. Are you trying to push a particular product? Gain exposure for your brand? Also consider which tasks are necessary to meet the goals you’ve determined for each social network.
  5. How will you measure success? Start by setting short-term goals since it can be difficult if you’re just breaking into social media marketing. You should include goals for engagement, user action and sharing.

By asking these five questions before you dive into any social media marketing campaigns, you’ll have clearer goals, strategies and smooth implementation.

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  • I believe #1 and #5 are the most important.
    People assume the largest networks (ex. Facebook) will always be the right network for them, but this is not always the case.

    Measuring success is pretty important, considering the short user attention span we have to contend with. Simply building a few strong relationships with colleagues in your industry can be considered a success on some accounts.

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