What it Really Means to Engage Your Twitter Followers

Everyone knows that in order to increase the number of followers you have on Twitter, you must engage your audience. But, what does it really mean to engage your followers? How do you go about creating an environment that keeps your followers active and interested?

The key to engaging users is to interact with them. Using twitter as a marketing tactic is acceptable, but you should also be using it as a way to interact directly with your community. By using Twitter as a customer service outlet, you can offer your followers an added benefit for following you.

Interact and Respond

If your followers are trying to interact with your brand, respond! If someone comments positively on a purchase they made through your site, retweet it. Respond with a thank you. Anything you can do to show you actually care and appreciate their efforts will keep them more engaged.

Damage Control

Conversely, if your products or services receive negative feedback, acknowledge it. You can follow up negative Twitter feedback with an apology or solution to improve overall satisfaction. In responding, you show your followers concerns are important and that you are committed to improving your brand.

This type of Twitter commitment can also lead you to finding key influencers in your field. By having key influencers follow you and interact with your other followers, you can grow your community to include people that have an actual passion for your industry.

One of the best ways to find success through Twitter is to interact with your audience. Whether they have questions, feedback, praise or complaints, do your best to acknowledge your followers. Get everyone in your company involved. Have schedules for your employees to contribute their time to interacting with your existing followers. This type of engagement will lead you to more followers and a community with a rich desire for what your business has to offer.

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