[Webinar Recap] Millennials & Healthcare: Using Generational Marketing to Build Social Media Strategy

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Millennials are now the largest generation in America, and, accordingly, they will have the most spending power of any generation in 2018. This matters more to healthcare marketers than you might realize. With the pace of change occurring at a rapid speed and healthcare marketing still generally behind the times, significant changes in healthcare marketing are needed to capture the attention (and the dollars) of this increasingly important generation.

Before you make these changes, though, you have to know what and how millennials are thinking about healthcare. The fact is, they’re less engaged with healthcare providers and less interested in healthcare services. Additionally, older generations are following suit, and you can bet that upcoming generations will build upon these consumer behaviors.

The time to get ahead of the curve is now.

On March 29th 2017, OhioHealth and Fathom healthcare marketing experts got together to discuss the millennial healthcare habits that matter most to you and what to do about them in our webinar ‘Millennials & Healthcare: Using Generation Marketing to Build Social Media Strategy’.

The healthcare marketing experts featured in this webinar include:

  • Kelly McDonald, Sr. Manager of Social Media and Content Strategy at Fathom

Kelly McDonald is the Senior Manager of Social Media and Content Strategy at Fathom. She graduated from The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and business administration. Kelly focuses on discovering new ways to engage customers by uniting the power of social media and content marketing. Outside of the office, she enjoys boxing and cheering on the Green Bay Packers & Ohio State Buckeyes.

  • James Ryan Jeansonne, Digital Marketing Strategy Manager at OhioHealth

James Jeansonne is a digital marketing strategy manager with OhioHealth. He’s worked with OhioHealth on digital marketing projects such as the Michael J Fox event, Neuroscience Center opening, MD Anderson affiliation announcement and several sponsorship events with the Columbus Blue Jackets, Columbus Crew, the OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon and Ironman Ohio. Prior to joining OhioHealth, James has digital marketing experience from software companies, publishing companies and in financial services. When he’s not limited to 140 characters, James spends his time running and reading.

Millennials, Healthcare, and Social Media – The Top Webinar Takeaways:

Covering everything from how OhioHealth uses Instagram to what percentage of millennials are interested in healthcare to who millennials really are, this webinar has a wealth of actionable information for reaching America’s largest generation.

The essential topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Who are Millennials and What Do They Think About Healthcare?
  • Are Millennials a Myth?
  • Millennials and Social Media
  • OhioHealth Millennial Marketing
  • Case Study: Ohio Sexual Violence Helpline
  • Top 5 Millennial Marketing Takeaways

Though millennials might be elusive, they are reachable if you follow some modern healthcare marketing common sense—as well as some well-kept generational marketing secrets. Watch the webinar now to get Fathom and OhioHealth’s proven tips for successfully reaching millennials.


Watch ‘Millennials & Healthcare: Use Generational Marketing to Build Social Media Strategy’ to discover how to create a digital media plan that will engage and retain millennials.


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