How To Use Social Media for Recruiting Young Talent

A position has opened up, and you are now on the hunt to find the perfect person to fill this new opportunity. You need someone young, smart, eager to learn, with a solid education and credible experience to begin a career with your organization. How do you attract qualified employees? Do they exist? Where to begin? These are just a few questions that you could be asking yourself when a position opens up in your organization. Utilizing social media in today’s Internet-driven world gives your company a modern face and voice. By engaging with potential candidates through social media platforms your company will build new relationships and attract young professionals. So how can companies embrace the power of social media to attract young talent? Here are a few pointers to consider.

LinkedIn for Pursuing

When you hear LinkedIn, you think of the world’s largest professional networking site.  With LinkedIn’s new Showcase Pages, you can now highlight products and services that are most important to your business and create a following for not only your brand but individual products as well. Showcase pages can offer company information, awards, benefits and industry trends. Candidates might be more interested in your company if they see engaging activity on your company page and showcase pages. LinkedIn is extremely useful for sourcing and pursuing new talent. You will find user profiles with more professional information and work experience than any other social media channel out there, making this a primary tool for recruiters.

Facebook for Branding

Having a company Facebook page is a great way to build and cultivate relationships, not only with your current customers and employees, but also potential employees. You can easily share job postings on your page which would allow for current employees and fans to share that with their personal networks. It’s also a great tool to promote your products and company events, which will allow potential employees to engage with your content shared on this channel.

YouTube Even More Branding

As it is the world’s largest video-sharing platform, everyone likes to consume content via YouTube. For a young generation that is greatly impacted by the visual element, YouTube is a great place for sharing insights on your company and its products. Uploading videos of office culture and employee/customer interviews allows for potential candidates to better understand your products and the atmosphere of the organization.

Twitter Conversation Insights

Twitter is primarily used to share news, but also allows you to spark conversations with potential candidates and job seekers. This is yet another great platform to share job postings that are currently available within your organization. There are tools that allow you to pull up users based on what they tweet about and bio information.

With so many tools to choose from, recruiting young talent has grown to a point that you no longer have to chase down new candidates. Posting compelling content and making your company more transparent will attract the right candidates for your organization. You will make your organization more visible to job seekers by investing time to develop a digital presence through multiple social media platforms. This infographic created by Jobvite, offers a step-by-step guide on leveraging the funnel method for hiring young talent.


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