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Twitter Follower Discount, Now in Dell Flavor

By | February 4, 2009


That didn’t take long.

Coming off the announcement last month that Dell made $1 million in revenue over the past year and a half through sale alerts via Twitter. Dell has made the biggest Twitter Follower Discount (TFD) splash with a Twitter account solely dedicated to the sale of refurbished Dell computers (@delloutlet).

Beginning today, Dell will offer deals from the Dell Outlet exclusive to Twitter in the U.S.  With over 11,000 followers, our team wanted to show their thanks to the Twitter world through these new deals which will continue each week.  Our team at Dell, by the way, now has over 80 twitter properties, including new Dell Outlet-focused ones in the UK and Ireland.

TechCrunch, in covering the Dell TFDs yesterday, noted that this may be the type of initiative that Twitter could charge for (and get the Twitter business model going).

Signing up for what is essentially a marketing email on Twitter perhaps gives some consumers the feeling of being part of an exclusive club. (It’s so exclusive, anyone can join). Or maybe they simply don’t want this junk filling up their inbox, and can choose to pay attention only when they are in the market for Dell products.

Twitter as a marketing channel. Hmm, . . . there must be a way to charge for that.

At any rate, this is futher evidence that the TFD are a valid business model for the time being. But at what point will Twitter users will bore from such annoucements and accounts?

Below, you’ll also find a video from @StefanieatDell explaining the program.

Have any other examples of Twitter Follower Discounts? Find me on Twitter (@DJLitten) and let us know so we can feature it.

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