Tips for Marketing Your Business on LinkedIn

When thinking of ways to advertise your business through social media, Facebook is always the obvious choice. However, there may be some social networks you are overlooking that could provide value to your growing company.

LinkedIn offers a variety of great tools to help you network, generate a professional following and develop potential leads. By taking advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer, it may surprise you how beneficial it can be for your business.

Use some of these simple tips to gain exposure through LinkedIn:

  • Optimize your profile page – By optimizing your LinkedIn profile for search engine marketing, you can build your reputation online. By using important keywords and by having your staff link to your website through their pages, you can develop an effective search engine optimization plan.
  • Promote your blog on your profile – By promoting your company’s blog in your LinkedIn profile you can gain visibility and establish a name for yourself in your market. It will also help expose your brand to an audience that may have otherwise passed it by.
  • Create events – If you create an event through LinkedIn you can engage your potential customers and help generate leads. You have the freedom to invite anyone in your network to your events, which can help them stay connected to your business at all times.
  • Use groups to help you connect – By starting a group relevant to your industry, you can create a following comprised of your target audience. The connections you make through your group can turn into potential leads for your business.
  • Answer questions – Answering questions through LinkedIn can help you further establish a presence and a level of expertise in your industry. By providing other users with valuable information you can develop a solid reputation as a source of knowledge.

Look for other social networking opportunities you may have overlooked and start expanding your company’s network. There are always opportunities for you to gain exposure for your business if you just keep looking.

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  • Great tips Angela! LinkedIn recently rolled out a new feature allowing companies to add their products/services. I updated the Fathom company profile to include them:

    The products/services pages include a detailed description, bullet points, URL, YouTube video, designated contact person, and special offer.

    It’s fairly easy to set up and another great way for any company to improve their LinkedIn presence.

  • This is a great post, with lots of outside the box thinking! My huge LInkedIn following is a perfect place to post about my internet marketing and webmaster resource forum- but it is a place that I had overlooked. Linking my blog will build the number of experts using the forum and result in even better help in online marketing.

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