3 Steps to Start a Retail Social-Media Strategy

Social media is where it’s at! All the kids are doing it! Why isn’t your business on Facebook? If you are a retail business owner, I’m sure you’ve heard those phrases a few times before. But it’s true: social media can make a big impact for your business, because it’s not just where the kids are, it is where everyone is.

If you’re looking for another avenue to reach your customers, consider setting up social media profiles. Not sure where to start? I’m here to help! Read on for three easy steps to setting up a successful social media strategy.

1. Research your audience and select your network

If a social media post falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it….

Your social media strategy will be most effective if you position yourself where your customers are. Before setting up profiles on every single social media network available, do some research and determine where your target audience is spending their time online. Then, select one or two networks where your clients are already and spend the time and effort on really excelling at those.

Once you determine where your audience is, do some research to determine what they want. Take a look at your competitors and see what types of post gets the most engagement and likes. Try taking a page from their book and use similar types of posts.

2. Set clear goals and success metrics

You’ll never know if you’re successful at social media if you don’t have clear goals defined before beginning. Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Have a certain amount of followers, engagement or reach via your social channel? Are you using social media to combat reputation problems? Yes, you can achieve all of these things with the right social media strategy, but when starting out, just pick one.

Once you have a clear goal defined, determine how you are going to measure success. Run a monthly report to make sure you are improving the key metric you have chosen, whether it is number of likes, traffic to website or organic reach. If you find you aren’t improving that metric, take a step back to determine why. If you aren’t seeing the growth you want, consider investing in some social retargeting.

3. Testing 1, 2, 3…

You won’t nail a social strategy on the first try, so don’t be afraid to try a variety of posts, times of posting, contests and more. But be sure to stick with what works! If you notice that a particular post got a lot of engagement, make it a monthly or even bi-monthly feature. It’s okay to get down to the nitty-gritty, too: test what time or day of the week posts performed the best, if a post with a photo did better than one without, test different types of links. If something can be posted on a social network, it can be tested!

What is the best social media strategy you’ve implemented?


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