The Wait Is Over, Google+ Business Pages are Finally Here

Google is at it again. Monday, in an effort to continue to increase its presence in the social media sphere, Google launched the next installment of its already successful Google+ project: Google+ Pages. These pages have been in the works for months, and users have been anxiously awaiting their arrival. Google+ Pages will allow business small and large to connect with their existing customers, and potentially create new business.

Google+ Pages are not only a great way to enhance your business’ local and national presence, but they also allow existing Google+ users to connect with brands, companies and organizations.  Many brands, news outlets and big name companies have been early adopters of Google+ pages.  Below are a few examples:

So you might be asking yourself, “Okay great, I have a business and a Google+ Page, what does it mean? How can I make Google+ work for my Business?”

Below are a few simple steps that can get you on the right track to utilize this new feature effectively:

Start by setting up your actual Google+ page:

  • Visit
  • Select which category your business fits into:
  • Local Business or Place
  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other

Enter the Basic Information into your selected category

  • Agree to the terms

Next, it’s time to customize the page:

  • Create a Tagline
  • Enter your profile picture
  • Enter all of the information customers will want to know about your product.
  • Click Finish, and you will be taken to your new Google+ Business Page.

A few things to note:

One main feature of Google+ Page that you do not want to forget is: the badge for your website.  Visit the developers guide for gain access to this badge.

Also, be sure to add the +1 button on your website to share even more content with the Google world.

Have questions about Google+ or want to know more tips and tricks? Check out this helpful resource:

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