The Power of Social Media for Social Good

I am an Online Community Specialist here at Webbed Marketing and am an advocate for pancreatic cancer awareness and spend a lot of my free time volunteering for the cause. Anyone who knows me, knows I insert pancreatic cancer into conversations way more than I should. I saw that Carson Kressley had tweeted a picture of a purple Empire State Building. I responded and let him know that the building was purple to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer. Later that night, Carson retweeted my tweet.









Now, I am not one to get overly excited about celebs, but if anyone saw Carson Kressley on Dancing with the Stars, you couldn’t help but love him and be inspired by his positivity and individuality. I love Carson Kressley, and I love that he raised awareness for a cause so important to me. But, this also serves as a testament to the power of social media.

My tweet to Carson Kressley resulted in him retweeting to over 48,000 followers. This led to 24 more retweets from his followers and conversation about the disease.











Social media not only gives you access to your favorite celebrities, but it also gives you the opportunity to spread your message. This particular example shows that relevant conversation is key. Because I responded to a picture Carson had posted in a relevant way, he was much more likely to retweet my tweet. Paying attention to what others are saying and engaging in the conversation can really pay off!

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