The Marriage of Search and Social Media

And their first born child, Revenue.

This is a love story.

Search was a strapping young lad in the Village of Internet Marketing, and he was just entering maturity. He was on top of the world. Over the past few years he had been the center of attention, outshining his siblings Broadcast, Outdoor and Direct Mail.

But one day, the villagers began talking about Social Media. Suddenly she was the bright shiny object. At first he dismissed her as a simply a flash in the pan. And Search hates Flash.

But then Search began to notice that more villagers were using Social Media to find products and services. The media was going to Social Media for story sources. Job hunters and hiring managers stopped asking him for help and going to Social Media.

Then things got really crazy. Villagers who used both Search and Social Media together were the most successful of all. Then a blogger who writes about Search and Social Media realized this analogy could be carried no further and shifted to the literal.

A few weeks ago we were looking for a little Social Media and Viral Marketing love. We composed the Twibute “Pour Some Twitter On Me.” Seven of us Tweeted about it. We had hundreds of pickups, retweets, blog posts and got great links. Good stuff on the social media side right? But from a direct business perspective, this program reached mainly online marketers and social media gurus, not potential direct clients. We were really only preaching to the choir. Here is where search comes in…

The Twitter page quickly jumped from a PageRank 0 to a 4 and climbing. We spread that link love out to some of our key site pages and our ranking on all our keywords increased, along with organic traffic from Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Then the phone starts ringing. We’ve generated more cold web leads in the last month than ever before. And they are great leads. One new client found our speaking page as the top Google result on her search, called us and booked a speaking engagement within 24 hours.

And we lived happily ever after.

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