The 80/20 Rule

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule for social media? The common rule is that 80 percent of your updates should provide value for your followers and 20 percent can be self-promotional.

It is so important to not just self-promote or sell on Facebook and Twitter all of the time. You want followers to engage with your business, and if you’re constantly promoting your business or selling, followers are not going to want to engage. People need a reason to follow you, and unless you’re a mega-brand, they aren’t going to want to just hear about your business all of the time. 

Offline, if you just constantly talk about yourself, you’re not going to have many people standing in line to talk to you. The same applies online! So, what can you post about when you’re not promoting your organization?

  • Post tips or information about your industry. Ask thought leaders in your organization to provide tips for followers. Also, post Facebook notes with more in-depth information or advice.
  • Make sure to stay up-to-date on the news in your industry, and post relevant articles. Adding your own commentary when posting the articles is ideal.
  • Ask your followers what they think. Getting their opinions on industry topics can not only provide you insight, it can also make them feel engaged.
  • Post about events in your community that you think your followers may be interested in attending, especially free events open to the public!
  • Do you have partners or clients you work with regularly? Post news about their companies, and they will probably return the favor.

Finding ways to balance your updates can add value for your followers and make them interested in your organization. You’ll find that engagement will increase and your followers will, too!

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