10 Simple Ways To Get Your Tweets Re-tweeted

With millions of people on Twitter, it can be challenging to get your tweets noticed. By implementing some of the following Twitter tips, your voice can begin to reach a wider audience than you ever imagined.

1. Write your tweet in a way that makes it easy for someone to retweet – Optimize your post to ensure it is less than 120 characters, includes a short descriptive title and avoids using excessive @replies and hashtags. This will make it simple for readers to retweet your post without having to make any edits.

2. Have quality followers on your account – By having key people follow you on twitter, you will be more likely to get your tweets read and retweeted. You want to make sure your followers are active on twitter and take the time to read your posts.

3. Know when to tweet – There are certain times of day when there is a lot of activity and discussion going on through twitter. By posting your tweet during these golden times, you will have a better chance of getting read and retweeted. Some of the times that work best include 9AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, 6 PM and 11 PM.

4. Show the same consideration – It only makes sense that if you want to get retweeted, you need to take the time to retweet others. This can help increase your probability of having your tweets retweeted.

5. Include relevant links – Adding relevant links to your posts will make your tweet more valuable to a reader. This will encourage them to retweet and spread the information. URL shorteners will allow you to add links without making your tweet exceed the 120 character limit.

6. Add brackets to your titles – Brackets provide a simple way to add emphasis to your keywords. Your tweet will stand out from the rest, making it more likely to get retweeted.

7. Add a retweet button to your blog posts – It takes very little effort on your part to add a retweet button, making it an obvious addition to your next post.

8. Be authoritative with your posts – If you sound confident, readers will be more likely to take your tweets as a voice of authority in Twitter.

9. Avoid passive voice – Not only does passive voice make your post seem less important, it makes you take up more characters than is really necessary. Speak with confidence and always use active voice.

10. Always thank your retweeters – When someone on twitter takes the time to retweet your message, always show them your gratitude. They will remember it and be more likely to retweet you in the future.

Try to incorporate these ten tips into your next tweet and see if you can begin to reach a broader audience with your message.

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