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Social networks are being used all the time. Obvi! Heck, I am using them right now! With that, social retargeting is such an amazing advertising tool to reach your customers where they are spending most of their time. So the question is, What is out there for me to try and capture my audience?

Facebook Retargeting Options

Custom Audiences: upload a list of phone numbers, emails, mobile advertiser ID’s, and Facebook user ID’s into Facebook.

Also, a few months back, Facebook partnered with MailChimp to allow you to upload your list to Facebook to use as a Custom Audience list.


Facebook Exchange: Through third-party companies such as AdRoll, Media Math, Perfect Audience and others in the Facebook Exchange program, you can retarget your visitors in the newsfeed and on the right-hand side.

Twitter Retargeting Options                                                                                

Twitter Tailored Audience Lists: Just like Facebook’s “Custom Audiences,” you can import a list of email addresses and Twitter IDs to retarget users with promoted tweet or accounts ads.


Twitter Tailored Audience Third-Party Partners: Adara, AdRoll, BlueKai, Chango, DataXu, Dstillery, Lotame, Quantcast, ValueClick, and [x+1]. Source: Twitter Advertising Blog.


Unfortunately, LinkedIn has not yet adopted retargeting. I think it is safe to say that it will be here soon. It will likely operate in the same way that Facebook’s and Twitter’s does, with custom email audience targeting and retargeting through third-party companies.

Have you tried any of these social retargeting options? What are you hoping to see in 2014 from social retargeting?

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