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It’s pretty rare that a person can say they’ve had all good experiences with every brand or product they’ve tried. There’s usually a bad experience that sticks out in your mind like a sore thumb, one that enraged you so much you swore you’d never use that brand again. Believe it or not, that anger provides the perfect opportunity for a business to prove their customer service, and sometimes gain a brand advocate.

Disgruntled customer What if that was your brand or product and that customer is now spouting awful reviews about how much you suck? Much like showing up to prom wearing the same dress as another girl, you have two options; you can ignore it and hope it doesn’t make you look THAT bad, or you can embrace it.

Social media, as much as people think it’s just trending topics or annoying ads, is actually another form of damage control. While everyone loves to get “likes” and fantastic reviews or positive comments, sometimes the negative ones can have the most positive impact.

The companies who get complaints and try to cover them up or ignore them don’t understand the role or importance of social media. Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people have the potential of seeing that complaint and forming a negative opinion because of it. But, the same people also have the potential of seeing the company’s apologetic response, if the company is brave enough to admit they messed up. For those companies who choose to respond, they give a customer a glimmer of hope that someone cares about their mishap.

As a customer, having to call a 1-800 number and wait while an automated voice tells you, “your call is important to us, please wait” only makes a bad situation worse. Social media allows companies to address a person instantly after they post a negative comment. And apologizing publicly makes the company look good, not just to that person, but everyone who sees the post.

Social Media

While it might cost a new product, a complimentary service or a check on behalf of the company, being able to change a disgruntled customer into a brand advocate is worth it! Sometimes a little social attention is all it takes to change one bad tweet to a loyal customer, spouting nothing but praises. Don’t overlook how important client relationships can be, even if your product is amazing. If people don’t think the company and customer service are amazing, your product loses value.

So wear that prom dress proud and post #twinning with your accidental pair! No one would ever know it wasn’t planned.

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