Social Media Takeover in the Classroom

Social media sites are sneaking their way into the modern-day classroom. While some students sneakily log onto their Facebook and Twitter pages, others are encouraged to do so by their professors. Educators have started to realize the impact of social media in business and have decided to embrace it in the classroom. Students are using social media to connect not only with classmates, but also with students around the world. A student in California may tweet a question to be answered by a student in Boston.

Facebook and YouTube have created pages that are specifically for education-related purposes. YouTube for Schools provides schools access to hundreds of free educational videos from universities, organizations like PBS and TED, as well as videos from YouTube partners. Facebook has several apps that higher education institutions can implement on their Facebook pages to collect and track data as well as create a forum platform for student to use to communicate within majors, class years and other filters.

These changes encourage students to use a medium in which they are comfortable to participate. There are strong advocates for the use of social media sites in the classroom, but there are also critics. There are obvious benefits and drawbacks of using these sites. Facebook is considered to be distracting in the classroom, whereas Twitter seems to be more effective in developing discussion. Twitter also provides up-to-date news stories that can be relevant to discussion topics.

Educators are also using social media sites to communicate with prospective and current students. They create pay-per-click ads to generate more traffic and increase admission application rates. They also use these sites to advertise different events that the administration may be hosting. There are many uses for social media sites in the education industry and the possibilities for other uses continue to grow as users become more comfortable with the platforms. For more information about the many uses of social media in the education industry, continue to follow our blog.

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