Should You Host a Twitter Party?

You love trying new things. You love being ahead of social trends. And you love getting exposure for your business through social media. You’ve started LinkedIn groups, had Facebook contests and now you’re moving your sights to Twitter.

You know the new thing in social media is to host a Twitter party, right? Well, before you pull out your party hats, there are a few things to consider.

Hosting a twitter party just to host a twitter party is not a good enough reason to get involved in this trend. A twitter party is about creating an experience that engages people. While your main goal is to build awareness for your brand, it should also be to provide something useful for your Twitter followers.

While a Twitter party might not help you grow your sales or leads, it can help you show your audience that you’re involved and that you appreciate them. The main purpose of a twitter party is not to push your brand or business onto people, but it’s to engage people in something fun and entertaining. Through this type of interaction, your business will naturally gain exposure.

Some questions to ask yourself when considering a twitter party:

  1. What can people learn or gain from your twitter party?
  2. What is the real reason you want to throw a Twitter party?
  3. How can you create an event that gets people interested in your brand?

The most important goal of a Twitter party should be to offer your followers something. Whether that is free samples of your products, more information about your company or tips about using your services, there has to be something in it for them to get involved.

Find out what your followers would most want to get out of a Twitter party and start there. Everything else will begin to fall into place after that.

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