Quality Content Packs Twice the Punch in Social Media

Tweet. Like. Retweet. Status update. @ reply. Wall post. Digg. Tag. Sphinn.

Even if you don’t participate in many social media conversations, you still may know what many of those words mean.  And even if you live in isolation from the Internet, chances are you still heard about the latest Facebook scandal involving the faulty “Dislike” button.

What does this prove? Social media is everywhere, and as a result it’s rapidly becoming the go-to platform for companies aiming to build brand awareness and engage in timely dialogue with consumers.  Because of this, the content a company produces for its social media campaign carries a lot of weight. If companies aren’t using their Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media accounts to release original, engaging content that connects with their customer base, they’re passing up a valuable opportunity to expand their influence.

Social media messages have the unique ability to create a relevant, ongoing dialogue between a business and its customers. Companies can provide real-time updates on their latest coupons and promotions while also answering customer questions and providing an expert source of industry information.

A recent survey compiled by Kingfish Media, HubSpot and Junta42 did an excellent job of drawing the connections between well-written, original content and a successful social media campaign. Four hundred fifty-seven respondents in corporate management and sales/marketing management positions completed the survey, and several of its most significant findings included that:

  • Original content, both branded and expert, is by far the most commonly used social media tactic (73% for branded and 72% for expert)
  • 85% of respondents believe  original content is critical to the success of their social media campaign
  • Development of an audience for social media content is one of the top objectives of today’s marketers

As you can see, not only is content still King, but it has now also expanded its influence into the social media sphere. Gordon Plutsky, Director of Marketing and Research at King Fish Media said it best: “This research confirms what we’ve been saying for years: content is the key to creating an emotional connection. Social media has clearly emerged as a dynamic vehicle for delivering it to the right people in their preferred format.”

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  • Garious says:

    Interesting statistics there; it means that brand image is a must in any social media campaign. Yes, it’s all about quality these days and if you’re just doing a lot of spam, you’ll soon see the end of your social networking days. It’s all about making that meaningful connection and being as transparent as a squeaky clean surface of your glass window. Thanks for sharing something informative!

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