What You Need To Know About Optimization: It's Not Just SEO

outerspaceSearch Engine Optimization. These days it’s a buzzword thrown around as casually as the average teenager’s “what’s up,” and although SEO has become practically synonymous with the term optimization, the latter actually encompasses a great deal more.

Optimize, as defined by dictionary.com, is:

  • To make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible

This definition typifies what SEO is all about – designing, editing and refining websites in an effort to improve their volume and quality of traffic, and therefore help them get better results in the major search engines. In other words, to perfect them to the point that they are as effective and user-friendly as possible. However, the scope of optimization, and the level of impact it can have on search results does not stop with SEO.

Optimization actually influences a much broader range of Internet functions, and an article from the TopRank Online Marketing Blog entitled “3 Reasons PR & Communication Pros Need to Know SEO” does an excellent job of explaining the many opportunities that exist in the optimization realm. For anyone involved in the industry, it is clear that SEO has a significant impact on the way information is found, indexed and ranked on major search engines. However, the next 3 optimization tactics should command your attention as well:

  1. Digital Asset Optimization. This is the process by which search engines are able to pick up all of your content – even those pesky non-text based files. Because search engines now offer media-specific searching for users, this type of optimization is incredibly valuable for websites that have many forms of alternative content. File names, meta tags, descriptions, animation lead-ins, text for images and other similar tactics are necessary for utilizing this beneficial form of optimization.
  2. Social Media Optimization. This form of optimization was coined by Rohit Bhargava and has since been expanded upon by others in the industry. It is gaining momentum steadily as the presence and impact of social media continue to increase. Basically, its goal is to implement changes on a site to make it more visible in social media searches, more easily linked to, and more frequently included on industry-relevant blogs, forums and more. Although some are kept private, many social interactions on the Internet can be indexed and included in search results, and social media offers great opportunity for your information to be shared amongst a community of users.
  3. Micromedia Optimization. This is a newer term that can go hand in hand with social media optimization. It encompasses real-time content optimization, so it focuses on optimizing status updates and other similar real-time content that can be shared across social networks. Social Media and real-time status updates are growing in popularity, and they provide an excellent medium for optimization and link-bait opportunities.

Standard SEO is still as important as ever, but from now on when you think of optimization, don’t forget about these other important opportunities. Missing out on digital asset, social media and micromedia optimization may be limiting your website’s indexing capabilities and search result rankings. Make sure you are looking at the big picture – the opportunities are extensive, and you don’t want to miss out.

Fathom understands that your website needs to be optimized to the fullest, and we have the knowledge, tools and skilled staff that can help you do so. Contact us today to see how we can help you obtain better visibility, increased inquiries, and a clear advantage over your competitors.

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