Online Marketing and Social Media Events Coming to a City Near You

It’s a full seven days for Webbed Marketing and our in-laws and cousins. Here are some of the Internet marketing and social media events coming up:

March 16, 2009
10AM-12:30PM EST
How To Use Social Media To Fill Your Theatre Seats.
Lancaster, PA
By now you are likely familiar with blogs, wikis, Facebook and Twitter, but what is the practical use of these different outlets to drive people to your theatres? Amy Marshall (@amymarshall) of Webbed Marketing, one of the Midwest’s largest and fastest growing independent Internet marketing agencies, will cut through the clutter and provide an overview that de-mystifies social media and shows true possibilities for your businesses. She will also share a case study and speak to a few of the theatre groups social media presence and how they can enhance it.

March 18, 2009
2:00-3:00PM EST
Online Webinar
Webbed Marketing Approved Twitter Tools and Applications. Can’t decide between TweetDeck, Twhirl, TwitterFox and Twitterrific? See our list of ten great twitter tools and applications, how to get the most out of them, why we use them and how they will improve your Twitter experience. Join Ohio’s Social Media Darling Rebecca Roebuck (@dcrebekah) for this webinar.

March 18, 2009
Online Webinar
Learn from ex-Google insider and co-founder of one of the leading advertising analytics companies, Adam Goldberg, along with leading quantitative marketing expert, Dr. Purush Papatla, about how to track, assemble, sequence, and allocate conversion credit across your online marketing mix.

March 19, 2009
7:30-9:30AM EST
How to Make a Small Biz Successful with Social Media Tools. Ohio Web Leaders welcomes Katie McCartney (@katie_mccartney) from ReMax. The last OWL event filled up and people were turned away,so grab your seat now (well, don’t grab your seat, umm.. you know what I mean.)
Columbus, OH

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