My First Two Weeks as a Social Media Intern at Fathom

It's important to keep up with, or even stay ahead of, the learning curve in this industry.

My first two weeks as a social media intern at Fathom were all about getting acclimated with the company’s practices, culture, and employees. Although overdressed on my first day (which I quickly realized after walking around the office), I was eager to begin learning as much as I could. During the first week, I received my first task from Clinton, an online marketing specialist that I work with. My job was to research which local news personalities are the most active on social media. From my research, the Online Marketing team was able to make a recommendation after a brainstorming session.

Through my first two weeks, the main takeaway I have is how important continuous education is in this industry. Fathom has numerous training sessions and presentations that allow employees to become well-versed on a wide variety of subjects. For example, I attended an information session on how to get the most out of a LinkedIn account. Fathom’s internal use of the business social network Yammer allows employees to stay connected and pass along new findings on industry-related topics. Also, new technology is constantly being developed and expanding to new features. For example, Twitter has redesigned its interface and added new functionality:

“It’s now easier and faster to see the information that matters most to you. Immediately access your favorite features from the lefthand side. Photos, videos and conversations are embedded directly in Tweets so you can see the whole story at a glance. And now everything in Home will appear consistently across computers, iPhones, and Android mobile phones.”

The importance of continuous education on industry topics, best practices, and tools relates to another one of my tasks through my first two weeks. I was instructed to research and identify new and useful social media tools, specifically for Twitter. Some of the tools that I identified were included in Fathom’s new website,, highlighting the best Twitter tools available.

The ability to be ahead of the learning curve attributes to the advantage of learning social media from an agency. Working with Fathom allows access to advanced software and tools that provide clients with a clear sense of what needs to be done and defining ROI. Social media is not utilized just by creating a profile and talking to people. Client success is dependent on web analytics, SEO, web design, and other marketing tools. The advanced experience and approaches used by the agency demonstrate a competitive advantage that someone learning how to best capture everything that social media has to offer.  I am excited to continue to grow and expand my knowledge of social media along with Fathom.


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