Most-Liked Facebook Pages: Why Are They Winning?

Score more likes with a good social media strategy.The popular clique of the Facebook club made its mark two days ago, when InsideFacebook announced its list of the 25 most-liked pages this quarter.

These lucky elite have managed to score not only thousands, but millions of adoring fans, earning (or keeping) their social media superstar status.

So what makes these pages better than yours?

Four major similarities pop up among most of the company pages that made the list. Here’s what they all seem to be doing right:

1. They have a strategic landing point. Pages like Texas Hold ’Em Poker and Coca-Cola have clean landing pages with simple messages: “Play now,” and “Like Coke? There’s a Button for That.” Other pages take visitors straight to their walls (and not to their Info sections) so that viewers can jump right into a conversation. Both strategies engage visitors from the onset.

2. They use iconic symbols as their profile pictures. From Mickey Mouse to a Coke bottle, the pages stick with their most recognizable images. Keeping it classic and consistent in this area says a lot about your brand and helps users to easily identify your company.

3. They don’t ramble. The superstar pages keep their Info sections short and able to be read in their entirety “above the fold” of a computer screen (or without having to scroll). Getting down to the basics here lets could-be fans get through the introductions quickly so they can move on to better things (like liking your page).

4. They reward their fans. Texas Hold ’Em features a “Fan of the Week” contest, Coke has an app for “Fan Downloads,” and Family Guy shows they value fan input with polls and quizzes. Give your fans a reason to like you, and then show them how much you appreciate it by offering exclusives on your page.

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