Marketing Strategy in 2017: 7 Obvious Yet Important Considerations

Digital transformation — it’s what’s on the minds of all forward-thinking marketers when it comes to the new year. What does this mean for you and your marketing team, though?

We’ve got some concrete tips that you can implement tomorrow, but will still prepare you for the coming digital transformation. In fact, these 7 trends will give you the focus you need to identify how to spend your precious time and resources in the ever-evolving world of marketing. Check out our video below to get the opinions of Fathom experts Jeff Leo Herrmann, Chief Strategy Officer, and Matt Brown, Director of Paid Search.

7 Marketing Trends to Prepare for in 2017

  1. Opinions and Original Research Matter – Don’t be afraid to break through clutter with room splitting statements.
  2. If You’re Not Doing Mobile, You’re Way Behind – Get the mobile help you need, because it’s no longer a question of if you’re doing mobile, but how well you’re doing it.
  3. Live Video is Critical – Facebook is prioritizing video in its feed and users are 10x more likely to comment on a video than other forms of content…need I say more?
  4. Make Sure Your Data is PreciseData isn’t just the end product, on the contrary, it needs to be carefully built from the beginning to result in robust insights.
  5. Strategy is Essential, But It Doesn’t Have to be Complicated – Follow Matt Brown’s straightforward advice to ‘Have a plan, know the plan, do the plan’.
  6. Win the War for Talent – The key to success is people, not technology or strategies. Attract the best people by helping them grow and emphasizing purpose over profits.
  7. Social Media Continues to Drive Awareness and Engagement – Though you should never build on rented land, a strong social strategy of teaching and selling will result in engaged audiences.

What marketing trends are you preparing for in 2017? Let us know in the comments below!


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Along with marketing as a whole, SEO is transforming in 2017. Instead of focusing on keywords, marketers should be thinking about UX, integrated marketing, and audience-focused content for great SEO results.  Learn more with our blog How to Set Your 2017 SEO Strategy: The Essentials.

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