Is Your Manufacturing Company on LinkedIn? It Should Be. Here’s Why.

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Fathom has been trumpeting the value of social media in-general and LinkedIn in particular for business clients for quite sometime, but it never hurts to refresh our readers’ memories every now and then about valuable online tools. And LinkedIn definitely is a valuable tool.

There are many useful social media sites and tools out there. We’ll skip over talking about the darling Facebook, the clever Twitter, even the recently hip Pinterest … these offer lots of “value” to ordinary people, entertainers, musicians … anyone trying to generate ‘buzz’ for some worthwhile activity or enterprise. Or for just keeping up with the Jones … literally. LinkedIn, however, is a bit different – it’s specifically for business people who want to network with other business people. Sales folks, CEOs, distributors, manufacturers, managers, employees, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs … it is THE social media for the business world.

I was struck once again by how powerful the reach of LinkedIn has the potential to be by an infographic I came across today from Infographic Journal. Created by David Wallace, The Three Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing talks about trends in the online marketing world that most of us might not consider actually “emerging” as much as exploding, but Mr. Wallace does deliver some significant figures. This one on LinkedIn is what prompted this blog post: LinkedIn has 200 million users, with a new member joining every 2 seconds.

Now, I’m a writer, not a mathematician, but I can tell when something algebraically huge is going on. For businesses in general and manufacturers in particular, LinkedIn is simply a great (and free) way to inform the business world of your products and services. And as more and more individuals and groups and companies join LinkedIn (5 more just joined while I was writing this sentence, according to Mr. Wallace), there will be more and more opportunity to market your value proposition and your goods to the waiting (and searching) world.

So, what are you waiting for? Join LinkedIn today.


For more illustrations on using LinkedIn for your business, check out our guide on how to setup a LinkedIn company page.

Build your business with LinkedIn.

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