LinkedIn PPC Advertising

LinkedIn PPC Advertising is another social media pay-per-click platform that allows you to reach your target market by using demographic targeting (similar to Facebook Advertising). LinkedIn’s self-service advertising platform I am referring to is called LinkedIn Direct Ads. Where Facebook Advertising is typically more successful for ‘business-to-consumer’ (B2C) business models, LinkedIn Advertising is usually most successful with ‘business-to-business’ (B2B) business models.

Just like any other social media pay-per-click advertising model, it is very important to have a specific goal in mind before running a campaign. It is also just as important to understand your target market and the characteristics they have in common.

You are able to target any of the following demographics using LinkedIn Direct Ads:

  • Company Size
  • Job Function
  • Industry
  • Seniority
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Geography

Obviously, the more granular you get, the fewer potential users you will reach!

The ads themselves are similar to Facebook, where you have text and can use a 50 pixel x 50 pixel image. I’d recommend using the image, as it will help your ads stand out and catch a user’s interest.

It’s important to track your LinkedIn PPC advertising. Since LinkedIn does not provide conversion tracking, make sure you create goals in Google Analytics and append the ads to track the traffic.


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