LinkedIn PPC Advertising, Part II: Avoiding Ad Fatigue

Just as I stated in a previous post about Facebook ads, keeping your LinkedIn ads fresh can be tricky at times.  Ads can completely stop showing if you do not make proper adjustments. If your campaign’s CTR is lower than the minimum 0.025%, then your ads will be penalized. This typically happens within the first 10,000 impressions your campaign gets.

That being said, here’s how to avoid ad fatigue:

  1. Pause poor-performing ads. When poor-performing ads are live they reflect poorly on your top-performing ads and will hurt the number of impressions that they will potentially see.
  2. If you are consistently having problems, start making adjustments to your ads. Whether it’s editing your ad copy, changing out an image or editing the URL. This can help refresh your ads in the LinkedIn system and allow you to begin receiving impressions again.
  3. If you have the financial means, try increasing your maximum CPC bid a little to help your ad show more than others who are bidding below you.
  4. Make adjustments to your audience if you are seeing a drop in performance. For example, if you are targeting certain groups, LinkedIn gives you options for similar groups that may be relevant if you cannot think of new groups to target on your own.
  5. If you are targeting a certain age group, it might be wise to remove that parameter from your campaign. Not many people share their age on LinkedIn, so if you do target a certain age group exclusively through that filter, you are missing out on all those who do not have age listed in their profiles.

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