Let’s Get Social: 3 Ways to Engage Your Social Media Community

The nature of social media is constantly changing, and so are its platforms. Here are 3 tools for the brand, musician, and retailer to engage their bases once they’ve mastered the fundamentals.

For the brand


Instagram icon, social media tipsInstagram is a free photo-sharing app for mobile devices that allows users to quickly snap a photo and apply 16 different filters and blurs. It easily lets a user turn a regular photo into something special.

Instagram at Fathom Online

Instagram from the Fathom office

Popularity: 30 million registered users with more than 150 million uploaded photos. Facebook recently proposed to acquire it for $1B.

So how does this help your brand? Instagram users use #hashtags and @mentions. Encourage your Twitter followers to tag your company name in photos with hashtags and mentions.

The next step: Now that your community is tagging you in Instagram photos, it’s time to interact. Search by #hashtags on Instagram and Twitter to find the photos. If they use @mentions to tag you, it should pop up in your feed.

  • Go through “liking” appropriate photos by double-tapping on it. The user went out of their way to take a brand relatable photo and tag you in it; the least you can do is acknowledge it. Feel free to comment on photos too. The more interaction the better.
  • Retweet and share exceptional photos.
  • Follow Instagram users.

The benefit: When customers post photos of your brand’s product(s), it gives third-party affirmation. In this advertisement-saturated world, customers are your best spokespeople.

  • According to a Nielsen study, 90% of people trust recommendations from people they know. Think of it as digital word-of-mouth.

*Added tip: Want to jump-start your Instagram program? Offer a prize for the best photo submission.

For the musician

SoundCloudSoundCloud is an audio distribution platform. It’s not your average upload site, though. When an artist uploads a track it visually displays the song in a sound wave. Users can comment at exact moments in a song, giving feedback to the artist. Making comments visible to the public lets them see what’s being said about the song and encourages participation.

SoundCloud Diplo Sleigh Bells Remix

Popularity: 10 million registered users.

My favorite part about SoundCloud is its accessibility across platforms. I’ve came across far too many songs that won’t play on mobile and it disrupts the experience.

  • SoundCloud’s streaming works flawlessly on iPhone and Android platforms.

The benefit: Increased visibility online for your music and quick feedback from your audience. Also, guaranteed accessibility and song statistics let you see what songs are performing best. Whether you’re a starving artist or rock star, SoundCloud is for you.

*Added tip: Prefer to share your song privately? Use “secret links” to share it with only the people you choose.

For the retailer

Pinterest logo, social media tipsPinterest, a virtual pinboard social network, is the fastest-growing site in 2012. Registered users post a variety of content, the most popular being how-to’s, food recipes, crafts and products.

Popularity: 11.7 million unique monthly U.S. visitors, making it the fastest site ever to break the 10 million monthly visitors mark.

Pinterest FashionWhatever you are selling, find an interesting way to market it on Pinterest. Instead of posting a regular product photo, post a picture of that product in action.

  • Selling clothes? Get a model and put together a unique outfit. Take your product and show what the customer can do with it.

The benefit: Pinterest lets you seamlessly link your photo back to your own site. This means that it’s a great lead-generation tool. For more on how it can benefit your business, check out my colleague Brandon Bornancin’s ways to use Pinterest for social engagement and brand recognition.



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