Is Social Selling a Waste of Time? Episode #33

Is being “too social” with prospects good or bad? Will this get Jeffrey fired? Watch episode #33 (embedded below) to find out.

Relationships Matter

Being too social with prospects and clients is always good. We no longer have to tie-up their telephone and inundate their inbox with irrelevant information.

We have tools at our disposal that enable us to engage in highly relevant conversations squarely based upon our prospects’  interests and intent. Conversion rates skyrocket and relationships flourish. Welcome to Social Selling.

What is Social Selling?

According to LinkedIn, Social Selling is about leveraging your professional social network to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals.

We take it one step further. In the age of empowered – and overwhelmed – B2B Buyers, the most effective Sales Leaders assume the position of teacher/curator and focus on solving problems.

These Leaders move beyond a transactional approach to engagement and publish their knowledge and expertise to build trust and credibility. Leaders leverage their social media profile on LinkedIn to build a platform that showcases their knowledge and elevates their status as an industry expert and trusted advisor.

Please Watch Episode #33

Episode Summary

In this episode we have fun with Jeffrey as we analyze his approach to volume-based prospecting vs. a social selling strategy. We also run some numbers to determine which method — cold prospecting or social selling — has the higher success rate.

In the second segment we dive into content marketing measurement and the power of holding things constant. We stress the importance of delivering your content consistently — same day and time each week — to give us fewer variables at play.

We wrap it up with a podcast review. This week we feature Josh Bernoff on 6 Pixels of Separation. They dig into the power of clarity and how to embrace alienation.

Please let us know if volume-based prospecting still works for you?

What are your Social Selling success stories?

Please let us know.




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