Is it Time(line) to Brand Your Facebook Page?

If you have been keeping up with Facebook lately, you may of heard about this little thing called “Timeline for Brand Pages.”  As a marketer, my first thought was, “Oh NO! More change from Facebook,” and we all know that can cause a widespread panic.  I started to review the facts, looked at some pages using the new timeline, and the gears started to turn in my brain.  I came up with a few points for companies to think about when setting up the new timeline, which will need to be done by month’s end.

Set a strategy, don’t adapt. To do this right the first time, put some thought into it and don’t rush. Forget that old landing page in your strategy; Facebook is taking those away from us. Come up with a clever banner image that will share your brand’s message, product or values.  Make sure your current apps and tabs are up to date and reflect your new ideas. To emphasize these should still be a huge part of your marketing goal.

Make Facebook Insights your new best friend. Think of that annoying friend that tells too many stories and doesn’t know when to be quiet.  Trust me, you don’t have to post 6 times a day for people to come to your page or share your brand.  Facebook Insights tells you a lot about how users react to what you post.  Looking at the data, you can almost see what works and what doesn’t. If your post has 800 engaged users vs. 56 engaged users from a previous post, you might be on to something.

Tell a story. One of the best features on the new timeline is the history timeline. This is going to allow brands to show growth and change over time. Coke has done a great job with it and really showcases the company history. If you have a couple moments, check it out.  Check out the Fathom Timeline as well for our own story!

If you want to learn more about the new features of the timeline, please check out Fathom Columbus’s post—Facebook Timeline for Business Pages. It gives incredible insight and details about the upcoming change.


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