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Why Social Media Matters & How Manufacturing Marketers are Lagging

Manufacturing marketers use social media platforms less than their B2B marketing counterparts as shown by CMI’s 2014 Manufacturing Content Marketing Report.  In this same report, manufacturing marketers ranked brand awareness as their top goal for content marketing. Similarly, the marketing sector often expresses the need to revive its image and create fresh connections with customers.

An engaging social media strategy is the answer to those pain points. But, manufacturing marketers have lower usage of social media for a specific reason—they do not have confidence in their content. Most reported feeling that their social media marketing was ineffective.

While it may require some ‘out of the box’ thought, a strong social presence is possible. With brand awareness as a critical need, manufacturing marketers could gain much from the catchy, bite-sized layout of platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram. The social media sites manufacturing marketers are using include:

  • YouTube: 81%
  • Facebook: 76%
  • Pinterest: 21%
  • Instagram: 12%
  • Vine: 5%

The energy industry, an area of focus on manufacturing team here at Fathom, demonstrates much of the same industry needs and marketing shortcomings. Rather than shying away from riskier social media sites though, some organizations have dove right in and are seeing successful results.

Using Pinterest Right: An Example from the Energy Industry

Take, for example, the Women @ Energy Pinterest site from the U.S. Department of Energy. The female-centric portrait pictures, bios, and clever quotes are more than eye-catching—they’re inspirational.

With a lack a diversity and difficulties capturing young talent as major pain points in the energy sector, this Pinterest site delivers on its needs. The U.S. Department of Energy identified its audience  and took a targeted approach, seeing as the majority of Pinterest users are young women.

Digital Marketing 101 for Manufacturers The page has over 700 followers and nearly every piece of content has been engaged with by users. They also follow through with links back to their homepage where readers can find more information on the women in the Department of Energy. By addressing the problem of under-representation in STEM fields on a unique platform, the U.S. Department of Energy put a face on its workers and fostered brand awareness.  In fact, the United States Department of Energy has created a slew of innovative Pinterest boards about the energy industry, changing the way people learn about them.

Of course, Pinterest may not be right for your business. Find out which social media site is, though, and take the creative content risks that will accomplish your marketing goals.

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