I Don’t Rap, Model, or Act: How the Average Twitter User Can Gain Followers

If you’re looking to get 50,000 followers, this article isn’t for you. If so, you should probably start doing one of the three careers mentioned in the headline.

But for the rest of us out there, this post can teach you some simple ways to ensure you have a “follow-friendly” profile and extend your network.

Profile Picture

  • Quality – Make sure your photo has proper size and resolution. Who wants to follow a blurry face? (See video)
  • Color – Use an image that pops out. Vibrant colors in a profile pic will increase your visibility.

Your Tweets

  • Focus tweets around areas you are involved in, both professional and recreational. This will get people similar to you following you; they find your tweets the most useful/interesting and it helps develop your persona. Offer insight – expertise, tips, news.
  • Incorporate your personality. Use a conversational tone, be humorous (when appropriate), and most importantly, be yourself.
  • Use links and pictures when available
  • Interact with your followers and respond to mentions.Tweet links 25% of the way through
  • Tweet your best tweets – use the drafts section of your Twitter client. Not every tweet has to be what you’re thinking right then and there. Save some tweets to your drafts for the perfect moment.
  • Tweet on afternoons and weekends. This is when Twitter sees its heaviest traffic, so users are more likely to read your tweets.
  • Not sure what to tweet about? Check out Bill Balderaz’s post, What Should I Tweet About?

Online Presence

  • Get involved with other social networks—Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, 4Square, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. These platforms can help land users to your Twitter profile.
  • Start a personal website / blog – a website can serve as a resource for “all things you.” Include experience, skills, a biography, portfolio, social networks, and resume. It can be a useful tool especially if you work in a digital industry. Take time to write blog posts/articles bi-weekly to show your thought leadership. Build your personal brand.


  • Username – try to stick to the same username for your social networks (e.g., Instagram and Twitter) to make your profile easy to find from social network to social network. Someone that you’re associated with on one social network is more likely to follow you on Twitter.
  • Profile picture – using the same profile picture on each social network makes you recognizable.
  • Consistency helps strengthen SEO for your name.


  • The original social network, real life networking. Mention your social media use to co-workers, friends, and acquaintances. It will encourage them to follow you and/or sign up for it.
  • Place a link to your Twitter profile in your e-mail signature.
  • Have business cards? Include social links on them.
  • Follow users! The more you follow, the more followers you will get.

Thanks for reading, and if you found my advice useful (or want to chastise me), follow me on Twitter @nvthvnc.

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