How Will a Google+ Page Affect Your Business?

Since the initial release of Google+ back in the summer, people have been waiting for the moment when it would finally be opened up to businesses.

That time has finally come, as Google made pages available to businesses last week.

Now that you are able to give your company or organization a presence on Google+, it’s imperative that you set up a page. You might be asking yourself, “With so many other social networks to worry about, why should we now get involved in Google+?”

It’s a valid question, but think of it in this way: Google+ is obviously a Google product, and they will do anything to compete with the social networking giants (i.e. Facebook and Twitter).

While Google+ figures out the best way to do that, there is one monumental factor for creating a Google+ page for your business. That is, of course, the SEO benefits of it.

There is no doubt that Google will begin to find ways to put Google+ pages at the top of search results, making it imperative that your company develop a presence on the platform.

No Contests?

There is one thing to note, though, about the early stages of Google+ pages. As of right now, businesses are not able to hold contests or sweepstakes on their pages, and that includes offers, coupons, or special deals as well.

It could be a move by Google to further distance itself from Facebook, where many brand pages exist solely for that reason (with many requiring a “Like” before one can get the coupon or enter a contest). It could also be that Google plans on rolling out a contests feature at a later point. For now, though, your brand will have to operate its page without that option.

That doesn’t mean starting a Google+ brand page is all for naught. What it will offer is another line of direct –perhaps even more personal – communication with your customers or audience.

What It Does for AdWords

Your business page has direct benefits with your AdWords account as well. Google has developed an extension that allows people to “+1” your page directly on the ad. This is another one of the ways in which Pages for Business from Google+ can help your future in search.

Google is a search giant, and they are desperate for Google+ to stick around. It is likely that many new features will continue to roll out that will benefit your business, but a Google+ page for your business already has a number of immediate benefits.

Get a step up on your competition and enhance your search visibility today by creating your company or organization’s business page on Google+.

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