How to Keep Your Blog Audience Interested…While Juggling Monkeys

Surprised Monkey, Fathom BlogJuggling aside, still sound impossible? It doesn’t have to.

Your blog can bring your audience that perfect balance of information and entertainment they crave. You just need to understand who you’re writing for and what they’re expecting from your posts.

You already know who you’re up against: the million-and-one other bloggers blogging on the same subjects you are. You know about these guys, but what about your audience? What do all of these options mean for them?

With so much information right at their keyboarding fingertips, it means that your audience could be reaching a blog burnout point at any second. Don’t let your next post be the one that sends readers over the edge—or to bed. Here’s how to keep them happy:

  1. Be brief. Your followers are not reading your blog and your blog alone. They’re browsing plenty of others, too, so if they stumble on yours and see paragraphs of hard work, they’re going to change the channel. Entice them to stay tuned with short, snappy chunks of copy.
  2. Synthesize; don’t summarize. Or…
    Say something new! We’re begging you! Resist the topic trends that are out there at any given moment. Mashing 15 other blog ideas into one isn’t giving your readers anything new; it’s giving them a recycled version of what they’ve already read—15 times over. Instead, focus on your area of expertise and be your own source of info. Your readers are thirsty for a fresh take and a new voice.
  3. Give the people what they want. Show your audience a little blogging TLC by letting them control the direction of your writing. What do they really want you to talk about? Solicit suggestions from your readers by asking them what they want to hear from you. Or nominate one day of the week as a Q & A day centered around a given topic. Look alive in your blog posts by considering what your readers want and bringing it to them with perfectly pertinent posts.

Check off each tip before updating your blog (and read this past post on seven engaging blog starters for even more great ideas). Your readers will appreciate the succinct, thought-provoking and helpful reads every time.

(And as for the monkeys, we suggest using chimps. They’re quite friendly.)

Image provided by MarkGrundland on Flickr.

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