How Connected Are You- Really?

In a professional, and personal, world where we are all “connected” via various social media platforms, social networking sites, etc., etc, I wonder how connected we really are. In the last two weeks, I’ve received e-mails from two friends from college, whom I’ve barely kept in touch with in the last two years. We were all in J-School together, and went our own ways for the real world. One of them, I randomly found and meet up with at a pub in London while I was living there (he too was working in Britain temporarily). The other, I spent many “girl’s night out” nights with in college, and worked with her on some class projects/organization work. Yep, we’re connected on LinkedIn, I follow them on Twitter, we’re friends on Facebook, blah, blah, blah.

However, I’m not connecting with them. Occasionally I’ll see one of their updates on a social network, but I don’t comment because, well, I haven’t actually talked to them for a couple years. The point is, BOTH of these friends e-mailed me when they noticed my name come across a press release that was pitched to their current employers. Random, right?

These “isn’t it a small world?” moments made me think about how often we are actually connecting with people. It’s so important to actually reach out to those you know…or knew… or want to know better. Every once in a while, go through your Twitter lists or your Facebook feed, and find someone you would genuinely like to drop a “hello, how ya doing?” to. It’ll be worth it… for you both. Who knows, maybe that will be your next client, business deal, etc. Don’t wait for opportunities- make your own.

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