HootSuite Launches New Features To Help Businesses Harness the Power of Twitter

Let’s face it – Twitter can be a bit overwhelming.

If you’re a business owner, you want to keep up with all the comments about your products and services and respond appropriately to consumers looking for feedback.  If you’re trying to use Twitter as a form of reputation monitoring, staying on top of the conversation becomes doubly important.

Thankfully, HootSuite announced Tuesday that they’ve added important new features to help users – specifically small and medium-sized business owners – learn more about their Twitter followers and determine whose comments have the most influence.

Users and their replies can be filtered by keyword or by an influence metric known as the Klout Score.  Both are great ways to help business owners clearly identify the most helpful tweets and work toward finding potential customers within the stream of real-time updates.

The Klout Score – a nifty zero to 100 ranking that estimates each user’s degree of impact within Twitter – is based on an influence scoring algorithm developed by Klout.  This ranking has a variety of determining factors including a user’s number of active followers, their engagement with other users, their links clicked and more.  Hootsuite also allows you to filter out users over time using an adjustable baseline score. To better understand this innovative influence metric, click here

In addition to keyword and Klout score filtering, HootSuite also added an important new layer of information about each user. This new tab entitled “Insight” displays each user’s age, gender, profile images, and updated list of public social profiles being used. This information can be extremely helpful to business owners who want to gain a deeper understanding of their potential customers and determine the most effective ways to connect with them.

With these new features, HootSuite is providing important insight for professionals who want to harness the power of Twitter to learn more about the customers who keep them in business.

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