Consumer Brand Marketer’s Guide to Holiday Profits

When the holiday shopping season is short , use the pre-holiday time to prepare well. Consumer brand marketers don’t need to be told the holidays are a crazy time, but they’re easier to manage with a solid plan.

Conquer the holidays with the peace of mind that comes from foresight and strategy. Download our 20-pg. guide for tips on how to survive the season, including an in-depth look at 5 winning approaches in Santa’s marketing bag.

You will learn about:

  • Using SEO to sell more.
  • Incorporating mobile, automating PPC ads, boosting Google Shopping.
  • Adding important dates/tasks to your email and conversion testing calendars.
  • Enhancing email subscriptions, loyalty and sales with holiday-specific approaches.
  • Increasing overall conversions with testing and clean data.

Get the Holiday Handbook

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