Guest Post: Integrated Marketing Campaign Drives Blog Success

I’ll admit I was hesitant to launch a blog for Logicalis.  Not because I necessarily thought having a blog was a bad idea.  I just didn’t want to build something just for the sake of building it and after a few months have it go dark.  After many conversations about strategy, goals and purpose with Communication Strategy Group and Webbed Marketing, I was convinced that, as a team, we could create a blog that would be worthwhile and would stand the test of time.  And the key for keeping it promoted and up-to-date was an integrated campaign.

We knew we wanted to keep the posts short and interactive, while showcasing Logicalis experts’ thought leadership in the market.  We needed to keep our audiences across the board involved in the promotion of this blog, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, mobile devices, and via strategic SEO and PPC campaigns.

Finally, the new blog,, was created, with an integrated marketing campaign, to provide a place for business and IT leaders to share their opinions on technology topics.

Logicalis had already developed our voice in the marketplace with tools like public relations, the company newsletter and an active social media presence, so all our current tactics were used to promote the new blog and engage readers.

In addition to those tools, we launched a mobile campaign, so blog posts could be easily available on mobile devices – accessible for busy IT leaders on the go, looking for quick, relevant bits of industry information from their peers.

Logicalis also implemented an SEO and PPC campaign to go along with the blog launch.  The success of these campaigns working together greatly contributed to the successful blog launch.

In the first three days of launching, the blog had 168 visits, with 520 pageviews and 3.10 pages viewed per visit.  The bounce rate was 48% and the time on site was 1:53.  Most of the referring traffic was coming from the Logicalis website, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

The integration of social media, mobile marketing, SEO and PPC resulted in a very successful blog launch.  By identifying Logicalis’s goals, we were able to implement an integrated marketing plan that addressed the audience across all platforms, allowing us to hit the ground running with the Hype or Ripe blog.


Lisa Dreher is VP of marketing and business development for Logicalis, a Communication Strategy Group client. Logicalis is a technology solution provider specializing in helping customers with a wide range of technologies, including communications and collaboration, data centers, and professional and managed services.


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