Get LinkedIn Recommendations Without Being Annoying

We know LinkedIn recommendations beef up our LinkedIn profile (help get that bar to 100% complete), are great for job opportunities, and help with general networking.  So, with everyone’s busy schedules and hefty work loads, how do you manage to get people to write those glowing recommendations?  Here are some tips to help you ask for (and get!) the recommendations you deserve, without annoying everyone you know.

1. Ask the right people. Don’t just go through your LinkedIn contacts, asking everyone to write you a recommendation. Be selective with who you ask to do this for you; would you do it for them?

2. Send them a personal email/LinkedIn message. Recognize that they are busy, and you would greatly appreciate the time this will take them to help you professionally.

3. Always offer to give a recommendation back to them. If they know you will return the favor, they will be much more likely to spend 15 minutes writing your recommendation.

4. Give them an example. You can either reference a situation when you two worked together, or a project that yielded excellent results.  Or, you can even draft a brief paragraph for them.  Be sure to let them know they can modify or adjust your draft.

5. Don’t bug them every day about it. If you don’t get the recommendation as quickly as you had hoped, be patient. Don’t send them a million “reminder” emails to write it.  In fact, don’t send them any reminder emails.  If you think they are busy and it slipped their mind (and not that they just don’t want to recommend you), go ahead and write your LinkedIn recommendation for them.  This will remind them to return the favor, and you won’t look obnoxious.

6. Be appreciative. Thank them for writing a sincere recommendation for you, and boosting your professional presence online. And if you haven’t already, return the favor by writing a recommendation for them (or for their business!).


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