Five Ways to Gain Credibility as an Industry Leader

It’s no surprise that being viewed as a leader in your industry can help you grow your business. Being viewed as a credible industry thought leader allows you the opportunity to stand out from your competition and better position your products or services.

Making the decision to be an industry leader is easy; it’s actually taking the steps to get there that will require a serious commitment and hard work.

1. Maintain an Active Blog

By maintaining an active blog that covers industry-related topics and updates, you can help to establish yourself as an expert in the field. Well-written content creation can encourage potential clients to develop a level of trust in your business. And, if traditional blogging doesn’t keep your interest, it may be just as beneficial to keep things fresh with a video blog.

2. Pursue Guest Blogging Opportunities

Once you’ve established yourself as a leader through your own blog, the next step is to branch out and extend your network. By participating in guest blogging opportunities on blogs of other industry leaders, you can further develop your credibility.

3. Participate in Speaking Engagements and Industry Events

While quality content is the best way to grow an audience and establish yourself as an industry leader, there are opportunities outside of the Web. Speaking engagements allow you to get your face out there and can help you network with other innovators in the industry. By participating in industry events and speaking engagements you can show your potential customers that you are committed to the field.

4. Get Published

Getting your work published in a magazine, eBook,  white paper, guide or even a webinar can help you gain even more traction on your journey to being an industry leader. Getting involved in this type of content can demonstrate to your potential clients that you have a deeper knowledge than what is displayed in your blog posts and guest blog posts.

5. Immerse Yourself in Social Media

By interacting socially with your potential clients you show not only your industry knowledge, but a sincere interest in the lives of your audience. By showing an interest in helping other people expand their knowledge of the industry, you can secure your place as a credible source of information.

Ready to get started? On your journey to becoming a voice of knowledge in your industry it is important to remember, the goal is to build credibility and show leadership. You should not use your efforts as a way to promote your online PR. Being overly-promotional can actually hurt your credibility and cause people to question your intentions.

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