5 Tips for Retail Social-Media Success

You’ve set up your social media profiles, chosen a snazzy profile and cover photo, filled out all the info needed and you’re all set up! Now you just sit back and wait for all the followers, likes and engagement to flock in, right? Not exactly. A successful social strategy involves more than just setting up a profile. Here are five ways to grow your social profiles and increase engagement. 

1. Spend a Little Time

Each day, take 15 or 20 minutes out of your day to check out your social profiles. Follow and like some of your vendors, clients and bloggers and interact, interact, interact. If you are actively commenting on others activity, they are more likely to check out what you’ve been posting. Be sure to respond to comments on your profile, too. It’s always a nice touch when a brand responds to a comment – good or bad.

2. Create your Own Engagement

Use social media to create your own engagement, too. In the example below, Nordstrom asked their followers to help them name a new item. Creating your own engagement can be as simple as asking a question and asking followers to answer it in the comments section. Anything that encourages followers to like a post or comment can be viewed as positive engagement.


3. Offer Something Unique

Your social media channel is the perfect place to reward followers with something they can’t receive elsewhere. Offer them exclusive discounts or deals and encourage them to share with their own networks. Your followers will feel appreciated as loyal customers and if they share the post, you may see increased traffic to your store.

4. Show Followers what’s Available

Take advantage of the ability to post photos on social media and show your customers why they should visit your store. When new merchandise arrives, take the opportunity to post photos to entice customers to visit the store and browse. It’s an easy way to promote merchandise that people may easily miss otherwise.

5. Promote Events and Culture

Do you have a lot of events at your store? Do your employees participate in fun charitable or day to day activities? Highlight them! Make sure you post about upcoming events or specials. Don’t be afraid to show followers the culture of your business, too. Post pictures of the fun employee party you had or let your employees post about their favorite item each week. Don’t be afraid to show what makes you different from the competition.

Do you have any social media tips to add to the list? Share below.


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