Fathom Video Takes Their Talents to South Beach – 2012 Business Video Expo

Business Video Expo 2012
Last week the Fathom Video Team took their talents to Miami Beach, Florida – the city of LeBron James (traitor), Will Smith (Miami, his second home) and Tony Montana (Scarface was based on a true story, right?) – for the second annual Business Video Expo.

The #BizVidExpo featured some phenomenal topical conversation and panel discussions among thought-leaders covering various hot-topics in the online business video realm, including; video production for online video, hosting and management solutions, video training, automated video delivery, mobile commerce and social media.

Fathom attends the 2012 Business Video Expo in Miami Beach, FL

Fathom attends the 2012 Business Video Expo in Miami Beach, FL

Steve Vonder Haar and Paul Beaudoin of Interactive Media Strategies led outstanding panels consisting of key industry executives who now depend on utilizing online video to leverage their marketing, retail, customer management and e-commerce solutions, including: Ed Youngblood of Alcatel-Lucent, Deno Hairston of AT&T, Michael Kolowich of Knowledge Vision, Theresa Szczurek of Radish ChoiceView, Jeff Malkin of Encoding.com, and David Boyll of Oracle.

With so many great statistics, presentations, outlooks and predictions provided to an audience consisting of video producers, marketers, vendors – and those just hungry to dip their toes into online video – it was tough to pick only a few takeaways from the #BizVidExpo. But, there were some key points that just appeared to stand out above the rest, painting a virtual picture of the world of business video, and where the industry is headed. Here is a list of our favorite stats, predictions and online-videoisms!

  • 63-80% of potential mobile customers are lost due to poor experience? – Theresa Szczurek, Radish Choice View
  • High-quality, professional video is – and will always be – a more engaging platform to convey your message and brand strategy than amateur, user-generated content
  • When producing a video for the Web – always remembercontent is king!
  • Online video success can be measured through unique analytics set to a specific goal, such as social followers gained, rather than specifically focusing on monetary numbers when measuring ROI for your video campaign.
  • “Video delivery is simple. Managing it is hard.” – Ed Youngblood, Alcatel-Lucent
  • What makes a video a “smart video?” A video that is automated, personalized and optimized for content. It is personalized, real-time and scalable to attract the viewers to a high-end objective: converting that viewer into a customer.
  • When producing video, you must educate, create awareness, and adapt to your audience. Aggressive engagement drives viewership, and cause marketing appeals to the humanistic side.
  • Video is the common denominator between all smart devices. TV, Web, Mobile, and Telecommunications all utilize video to enhance the user’s experience
  • Only half of the competition is utilizing the number two search engine, YouTube, to market themselves. Jay Berkowitz ,”The Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing.”
  • What’s outside the video frame is just as important as what is inside the frame – if not more.


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