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Welcome to the Fathom Bi-Weekly social media update to help you stay up-to-date on the latest changes happening in the world of social media. Happy reading!

Update #1: Facebook Audience Optimization 

If you’ve ever managed a Facebook Page for your business, you understand how challenging it can be to engage your audience through organic content. Fortunately, Facebook has recently taken steps to help businesses put their organic content in front of the right people and increase engagement. The new organic targeting tool, Audience Optimization, includes three new features. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Preferred audience – Publishers can now add interest tags to their content so it’s more likely to be seen by users who match the targeted interests. Users who don’t match the targeted interests may still see the content; however, they’re not as likely.
  2. Audience restrictions – Publishers can also limit the visibility of content so it’s less likely to be seen by users who wouldn’t find it relevant. This feature can be used along with preferred audience.
  3. Audience insight – In addition to Page insights, this allows publishers to access analytics for each post and learn how users with specific interests engage with their posts.

Learn how to enable Audience Optimization here.

Update #2: Facebook Tracks Call-to-Action Clicks on Page

Facebook is giving Page owners more incentive to add a CTA button to their Page in a recent update. Some have spotted an “Actions on Page” tab within Insights that shows just how valuable those CTA buttons are.

Read the full article here.

Update #3: Facebook Adds New Features to Leads Ads

With Facebook’s recent update, advertisers can test out two new features for lead ads on mobile and now desktop.

  1. Context card – This new feature allows advertisers to offer more details to users. The context card pops up after someone clicks on a lead ad, but before they get to the form.
  2. Carousel ad format – Advertisers can now include 3 to 5 images and headlines in a lead ad before users click through to load the form.

Read the blog post from Facebook here.

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