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Welcome to the Fathom Bi-Weekly social media update to help you stay up-to-date on the latest changes happening in the world of social media. Happy reading!

Update #1: Instagram Update Allows Portrait & Landscape Photos and Videos

There is a good chance that almost every Instagram user has had to crop a photo or download an outside app in order to fit a portrait- or landscape-oriented picture in the allotted square. In fact, Instagram’s own research uncovered that one in five photos had white or black padding on the sides to fit the size constraints. With the app’s latest update, users now can upload photos and videos in landscape and portrait orientation.

This change makes photo and video sharing easier than ever thanks to reduced restrictions. This could be especially beneficial for companies looking to share branded artwork like infographics.

You can find out more about this update here: http://www.wired.com/2015/08/instagram-says-goodbye-square-photos/

Update #2: Facebook Extends Autoplay Video Ads to Outside Mobile Apps

You’ve likely already noticed Facebook’s autoplay video ads in your newsfeed, but now the social network is also allowing third-party mobile applications that sell ad space through Facebook’s mobile ad network the option of autoplay video ads. Facebook takes ads that run on the social network and syndicates them to other apps based on how the advertiser defined their targeting parameters.

In addition to being able to target people when they are outside of Facebook, brands will also be able to aim ads at people based on actual product purchases. If you purchase a pair of shoes from a particular retailer, you may then see ads for a dress or shirt that could pair with those shoes.

As more autoplay videos and targeted advertisements start to infiltrate all areas of Facebook, it is important for businesses to make sure their ads are eye-catching and relevant to their audience. Companies who don’t focus on this could find themselves being drowned out by the noise of other advertisers.

Read the full article about this update here: http://adage.com/article/digital/facebook-adds-autoplay-video-e-commerce-ads-apps/299922/

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