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Update #1: Snapchat puts News before Stories from your friends

snapchatOn July 13, Snapchat rolled out an update to better highlight content from its media partners. The update made the Stories screen of Snapchat accentuate the discover and live stories over the ones from a user’s immediate contacts.

Stories from the app’s discover section, which come from the company’s media partners like ESPN, Yahoo and Comedy Central, now appear at the top of the list, whereas stories from live events underneath. This update may seem minor, but it goes to show that Snapchat is making an continuous effort to increase engagement with the app’s discover content.

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Update #2: Vine Promotes Its Top Stars with New Suggested User List

On July 10, Vine announced an update that will let users find more of its most popular creators to follow. The users featured in the new “Suggested Viners” section are hand-picked by the Vine staff to ensure it’s worth the follow.
Previously, users could hook in their Twitter and Address Book to find their friends on the app. But with the new update, users will be able to venture outside their friend group and Twitter network to find folks on Vine who post frequently and post high-quality content.

The update also brings with it the ability to toggle your settings so that Vines appear in HD. This makes it more attractive for media publications on the web to embed Vine content on their own site.

Update #3: Facebook Testing “Watch Later” Feature for Videos

Facebook has confirmed that it is now testing a “Watch Later” button for videos on the desktop version to get users to save and consume more of the videos that appear in their feeds. The “Watch Later” button is a little tab that appears as an overlay in the upper right corner of the video when you pass your mouse over it or scroll past it (as seen in the image below.)

Videos you tag to Watch Later get collected in your “Saved” folder, which appears in the left column on desktop and in the “More” menu on mobile. The new feature puts Facebook’s video user experience more in line with that of YouTube, which also offers a “Watch Later” feature.

More information here.

Update #4: Twitter Uses New Card Format for Displaying Links on Mobile

Twitter has changed how it displays links in its iOS and Android apps. URLs are out, replaced instead by a card-like format that displays stories much like Facebook does.

The new format makes things less complicated for end users. Not only is the URL gone — just click on the card to open the link — but the new display allows Twitter to show more information about a link to users before they open it.

This is good news for advertisers, who gain more real estate to make stronger calls to action from Promote Tweets.

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