Facebook Rolls Out New Content-Sharing, Privacy Controls

Facebook users have been asking for years, and the company finally listened (perhaps the rise of Google+ had something to do with it), as a slew of new privacy and content sharing controls new privacy and content sharing controls have now been introduced to users.

These new changes are wide-ranging, covering everything from who is able to see your profile and location-tagging to easier overall access to your privacy controls. Making access of the controls over who can see your content easier has consisted of giving users an inline dropdown menu that allows them to make the necessary changes right on the profile.

Additionally, simply posting on one’s profile comes with a number of new options. When choosing to share content or change one’s status, a few extra things are available:

  • Friend Tagging: You can now tag non-friends and pages you have yet to Like in your posts, though if you have been tagged by a non-friend, you have the opportunity to approve it before it shows up on your profile.
  • Location Tagging: As Facebook Places continues to be phased out, the location feature has been opened up to any status update, whether it’s a simple status update, a photo, or a Wall post.
  • Post Editing: As always, you can choose who sees your updates, but now you’ll be able to change who can see your post after it has been sent.

A number of other features have been rolling out as well, which points to a concentrated effort by Facebook to finally provide easily accessible privacy controls for its users. The ability to tag friends (and non-friends for that matter) and one’s location are added features that make content sharing on the social networking giant even more fun and influential.

Privacy control remains one of the biggest battles in the social media world, as users are becoming more aware of what is happening to their information once it is posted. These are big steps (albeit late ones) by Facebook to ensure that users have more control over who is seeing their content.


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