Facebook PPC Advertising: Keep Your Facebook Ads So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Avoiding ad fatigue on Facebook can get especially difficult if you are managing multiple campaigns for your clients. The problem with Facebook PPC advertising is that your ads are going to be shown to your audience multiple times a day and can become tiresome rather quickly. This can lead to low click-thru rates and difficulties hitting your monthly goals.

So, here are a few Facebook PPC advertising tricks to keep your ads, as Outkast would say, “So fresh and so clean, clean.”

1. Once you find an image for your ad, make multiple versions of it. That means having different background and border colors, testing out different-colored text, and if you are using a person in your ad, testing different genders.

2. Use provocative headlines that entice your audience. An example is “Do you Love Running?” This engages your audience by asking them a question.

3. Have a couple versions of ad copy that you can do some A/B testing with.

Essentially, you should conduct A/B testing on everything you can with Facebook ads to find what works best for your particular campaigns and goals.

Lastly, the most important factor in avoiding ad fatigue on Facebook is quite simple: Rotation, Rotation, Rotation. As I stated before, Facebook ads burn out fast, so give each of your ads the same amount of time by rotating them once a week. By the end of the month, you know what ads performed the best with the same amount of time and budget.

The best thing to do is set up an Excel template for each week of the month with your goals. In this way, you can easily make changes, achieve your monthly goals and maximize your overall advertising performance.

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