Facebook Finally Gives Us More Control

I really enjoy using Facebook.

If you’re one of my friends, you already know this.

I’ve used it to post my very random thoughts and share the crazy stuff I’ve spotted on television or found on the tubes. Sometimes, I actually do think twice before hitting the “Share” button because I know some of my friends might not be able to handle all of the magical stuff I post. But I often decide to let it ride and see what happens.  People still talk to me, so I guess I haven’t offended anyone – yet.

Well Facebook has decided to make things a little easier for people like me. Yesterday Facebook unveiled a brand-new version of its Groups application. The new version of Groups gives users the ability to keep up with close friends and share things with them in a private space. In this space, you can post photos, make plans and group chat with friends who are online. You also have the capability to use each of your groups as an email list so you can quickly share things even when you’re not on Facebook. What’s great about this is the default setting for groups is “Closed,” meaning only members can see what’s going on within the group.

Facebook also announced its new Download Your Information function. This allows you to download stuff that you posted on Facebook to your computer. This includes messages, Wall posts, photos, status updates and profile information.  You can only access this info after confirming your password and answering security questions.  You can find this feature in your account settings.

Facebook now has a new dashboard that lets you see how applications use your information to personalize your experience. You can view this by going to “Privacy Settings” and then clicking on “Applications and Websites.” You can find out when the applications last accessed your data, and you have the option to make less information available or remove it altogether.

I’m going to have to hit the “Like” button on these. I can share my magical gems in private, see how my information is being used and download great posts right to my computer. Now if I could only get rid of all of those Farmville posts from other people, I would be golden!

Videos courtesy of Facebook.

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