Facebook Fails in User Satisfaction

Facebook, the social media powerhouse that boasts more than 500 million members and occupies more than 700 billion minutes of their time per month,  is not really all that in touch with its users.

In fact, in the 2010 American Consumer Satisfaction Index E-Business Report, which is produced in partnership with ForeSee Reults, Facebook scored in the bottom five percent of all private sector companies  tracked by ACSI. They only managed to score 64 out of 100 possible points which gives them a depressingly lower satisfaction rate than the IRS’s e-filing service.

Facebook’s ACSI rating was more in line with cable companies and airlines who consistently have awful consumer satisfaction rankings. Not exactly what you’d expect from one of the most popular websites in the country, is it?

This was the first time ACSI measured consumer satisfaction with social media sites, and while they also looked at YouTube, MySpace and Wikipedia, only MySpace scored lower than Facebook (with a 63) and Wikipedia trumped it with a satisfaction score of 77.

This surprising data begs the question of why users are so unsatisfied with this social media superpower. According to Foresee Results president and CEO Larry Freed, it may be users’ privacy concerns and their frustration with interface changes, commercialization and advertising that causes them to give such a negative review.

No matter what the cause, this study should certainly turn some  heads at Facebook headquarters. An unsatisfied user base – especially one of gigantic proportions – does not bode well for future business.

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