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You know that you and your friends spend a lot of time on Facebook, but have you ever considered advertising your business there?  Facebook is fun, but do people actually pay attention to the ads and are they willing to learn more about your business?  Facebook ads come in many varieties, and it’s very likely that your future customers are there right now.  The trick is to create the right ad, and target the right people, who would benefit from your business.

Why Use Facebook Ads? Unlike AdWords, on Facebook, you can target people by their interests or choose demographics who would likely be interested in your product or service.  You can reach people who aren’t actively searching for you, and find them where they are – on Facebook.

In addition to interests and demographics, when selecting your target audience, you can choose people based on their location, connections, education or work.

Types of Facebook Ads

Once you choose your target audience, you need to decide what kind of ad to show them.  Would you rather send visitors to your website instead of your Facebook page?  With these Facebook ads, you can specify your URL, write a headline, ad copy, and choose an image for your ad.

If you would like to send them to your Facebook page, you have plenty of options there as well.  Select the tab on your page where you would like to send them.  It could be an event page, your wall, or a customized tab.  Write ad copy and choose an image that stands out, and you’re all set.  These ads even include a “like” button so your visitors will know what to do!

Do you have amazing wall posts that you would like to show people who aren’t already fans?  Create a page post ad to show your most recent or a favorite wall post in the ad copy.

Sponsored stories are like recommendations from a friend.  Friends of your current fans will see that their friend likes your page and they will be encouraged to like it too.  Using page post like stories, when a fan likes one of your posts their friends will see it.

Helpful Hints about Facebook Ads

When you write your ads, try several versions to test different ad copy, images, target audiences, or types of ads to see which best meets your goals.  Once one ad starts performing better, apply the things that worked to your other ads to continually improve them.

With Facebook ads, you have complete control of your ad budget.  You decide your maximum daily or lifetime budget, and the maximum you are willing to pay per click.  Facebook will show your ads as much as possible until you meet your budget, so keep the size of your target audience in mind.  If you are targeting 1,000,000 Facebook users, a budget of $5 per day won’t go far.

The purpose of any marketing campaign is to get visitors to meet your business goals, whether it is to make a purchase, learn more about your service, or something else.  How do you know if your campaign is helping your business, or if it is wasting your limited budget?  It is important to have clear goals in mind.  Do you want to send visitors to your website to make a purchase or to get more people to like your Facebook page?  Continually try different ads to see which best meets your goals.


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